Middle Eastern Cultural Spaces in London

Middle Eastern LDN has compiled a map detailing some of London’s most loved Middle Eastern cultural venues. Please leave a comment or tweet @MiddleEastLDN if you know of one that we’ve missed and we will add it!

Click on the markers to see more information on the venue.

Map compiled by Tom Shepherd

View Middle East London Art Spaces in a larger map

Mosaic Rooms The Mosaic Rooms is an art space that prides itself on displaying contemporary Arab art in the capital, showcasing a vibrant mix of art, literature and film events on a regular basis.

The Arab British Centre The Arab British Centre is a charity run organisation that aims to boost interest and understanding of the Arab world in Britain. They organise artistic events and activities that encapsulate Arabic culture.

The British Museum It may seem like an obvious choice, but The British Museum regularly features some fantastic contemporary Middle Eastern exhibitions. Check the venue’s website for upcoming showcases.

Mica Gallery Mica Gallery specialises in Modern Islamic and Contemporary art. While not strictly a Middle Eastern art space, there is plenty of artwork on display that fuses Arabic and British culture.

Leighton HouseLeighton House’s centrepiece is the Arab Hall, featuring a collection of over a thousand Islamic tiles, mostly from Damascus, Syria. This famous building plays host to the contemporary Middle Eastern ‘Nour Festival’ in the Autumn months.

October Gallery The October Gallery plays host to a number of contemporary international artists. It has supported a number of contemporary Middle Eastern artists.


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