Rap and the Arab Spring: Three rappers wax lyrical

  1. (L-R) Libyan Ibn Thabit, Iraqi-Canadian The Narcicyst and Egyptian El-Deeb took the stage at the University of East London last night to talk about what role rap played in the Arab uprisings that continue to sweep through the Middle East and how did they, in turn, influence rap?Middle East LDN tweeted live from the event, which raised fascinating topics, including the risks involved with this form of free expression amid oppressive regimes.
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    RT @Sous_AlZ: #Tahrirmeme http://lockerz.com/s/188298370
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 14:09:37
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    The three rappers: El Deeb, The Narcicyst, Ibn Thabit , Rap and the Arab Spring #Tahrirmeme
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 14:04:15
  4. The organiser posed questions to the three rappers as an introduction:
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    How has Arab rap influenced the uprisings? What role has social media played in creating social change? #tahrirmeme
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 13:47:14
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    The industry has been suppressed by political regimes.What is the future of Arab Hip Hop in the wake of the Arab Spring? #tahrirmeme
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 13:51:37
  7. The Narcicyst and El-Deeb introduced themselves by rapping in English and Arabic respectively:
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    @El_Deeb Egyptian rapper introduces himself by rapping a verse in arabic. Beautiful language for rhyme #tahrirmeme
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 14:00:41
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    English and Arabic rapping in rapid succession. Audience loving it. #tahrirmeme #UEL
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 14:08:55
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    Not an Arab, but how beautiful is Arabic! El-deeb lyrics #tahrirmeme
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 14:01:00
  11. The panel began to answer questions posed by audience members:
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    Why try and send your message through rap? The Narcicyst explains how music was a platform to teach people of their experiences. #tahrirmeme
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 14:03:08
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    Our music is a reflection of our everyday life beyond politics.Post-revolution like can of worms-freedom to express anything #tahrirmeme
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 14:14:56
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    @ibnthabit says even grandmothers in Libya appreciated what I was doing with my music against Gaddafi, not just the young people #tahrirmeme
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 14:18:06
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    Narcicyst uses social media to spread his music.Posted song January 25 and ElDeeb tweeted him to say it was playing in Tahrir Sq #tahrirmeme
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 14:25:09
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    Do you think that violent lyrics are good message to young? No says Narcicyst but people’s actions more due to societal ills #tahrirmeme
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 14:34:55
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    Great event organised by @opendemocracy and @UEL_News on the role of rapping in the Arab Spring #tahrirmeme http://pic.twitter.com/7A0rMDtZ
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 14:43:39
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    Everything these days easily commodified. Even revolutions turn into a product. #tahrirmeme
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 14:50:14
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    @TheNarcicyst and @El_Deeb performing at The Quad student union at LSE at 8pm Friday to raise money for Palestinian cause #tahrirmeme
    Wed, Feb 29 2012 15:04:35

By Monique Rivalland

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