Virtually Visualising the MENA region

Trawling through data can be pretty tiresome so we at Middle East LDN have created pie charts and bubble diagrams to illustrate various data on countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Please feel free to comment on any information that you have found alarming/unsurprising. The data came from the World Bank data bank and we used Many Eyes to create the graphics. Click on the diagrams to enlarge them.

Population – Please note that, for example, 73,973K (Iran’s population) is 73,973,000 (Seventy three million nine hundred and seventy three thousand)

Population of MENA countries

Gross National Income per capita – this is the total national annual income divided by the population.
Percentage of Population at the National Poverty Line

Population at Poverty Line

Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy

CO2 Emissions – metric ton per head

CO2 Emissions Middle East North Africa

Percentage of Rural Population with Access to Clean Water

Rural Population with Access to Clean Water

We also wanted to plot CO2 emissions against the percentage of the population with access to clean water. In the following diagram the size of the block denotes the extent of CO2 emissions (so here Qatar is the biggest offender) and the colour of the block denotes access to water (the deeper the orange the more people have access to clean water ). This diagram shows that Libya emits an above average amount of CO2 yet nearly half its population has no access to clean water.

CO2 emissions V Water Access Middle East North Africa

By Monique Rivalland


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