Palestine Film Festival Response

  1. The London Palestine Film Festival has been taking place in central London over the past two weeks (20th April – 3rd May). While we hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage on the event and films, here’s a collection of what YOU have all been saying about this year’s festival.
    The London Palestine Film Festival began screenings at the Barbican Centre, opening the festival was the UK premiere of Sameh Zoabi’s comedy, ‘Man Without A Cell Phone’. – The film portrays a young Palestinian man and his olive-farming father, who attempts to bring down his town’s cell phone mast, much to his sons dismay.
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    such an uplifting start to @LondonPFF last night,opening w comedy (ironically) reminded us of the lite, entertaining quality of film #LPFF12
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 06:12:30
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    @LondonPFF @BarbicanCentre ‘Man Without a Cell Phone’ great opener at London Palestine Film Festival brimming with heart, paradox & parallel
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 18:48:10
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    Had a great evening at the opening night of the @LondonPFF – watched a moving yet humorous film on the daily life of Arab Israelis
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 18:21:17
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    DON’T MISS @LondonPFF Y’days Gala opening was buzzing warm potent. Karma Nabulsi forensic & hearty Man Without Cell Phone funny rehumanising
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 10:16:56
  6. The second night saw the UK premiere of Marco Pasquini’s brilliant documentary, ‘Gaza Hospital’ – A before and after capturing of one of Beirut’s busiest and most beleaguered hospitals. If you haven’t already, be sure to read our review.
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    Off to see Gaza Hospital tonight with @MedicalAidPal (before I run #LondonMarathon for them tomo) as part of #LPFF12. Excited! @LondonPFF
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 13:59:13
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    Can’t believe its taken 3 yrs to get Gaza Hospital doc to London. Tx to Pal film festival #lpff12 and #MedicalAidPal for sponsoring.
    Sun, Apr 22 2012 05:49:10
  9. A series of five Palestinian short fiction films were shown on the opening Sunday. – ‘Flower Seller’, ‘Haneen’, ‘The Well’, ‘First Lesson’ and ‘Birth’.
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    With LIFT team @LondonPFF”This film is not about revolution, it’s about 40 years of silence before that”, Syria – The Long Night #LondonPFF
    Mon, Apr 23 2012 13:25:04
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    So good to see the wonderful Suad Amiry in ‘Haneen’ last night as @LondonPFF showcased great new Palestinian shorts.
    Mon, Apr 23 2012 18:02:23
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    Latest podcast London Palestine Film Festival 2012: A podcast recording the opening gala of the … #camden #london
    Tue, Apr 24 2012 08:37:49
  13. Tuesday 24 April saw the screening of ‘My Land’ – a bold documentary by Moroccan director, Nabil Ayouch, that leaves no stone unturned in examining the events of the Palestine/Israel conflict. The film played alongside the short film ‘Eid’.
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    Young Israelis’ perceptions of Palestine in #MyLand @LondonPFF tonight. Sorrowful stories got frustrating, hopeful & apathetic responses.
    Tue, Apr 24 2012 16:32:21
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    Africa and the state of Israel: A review of ‘My Land’, a new documentary by Nabil Ayouch (cc @LondonPFF)
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 06:12:17
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    Wonderful work by @LondonPFF team. Uplifting short film ‘Eid’ shown ystrday reminds us that creativity can be born out of total destruction
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 09:59:25
  17. It was exciting to see some mainstream press coverage of the festival.
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    finding the human and practical, beyond the politics: some thoughts on @LondonPFF pre-fest events #LPFF12
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 10:08:04
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    In Transit Blog: Palestine Film Festival Opens in London
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 15:20:09
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    Sameh Zoabi talks about humour in his film Man without a Cellphone #comedy #Palestine #film #LPFF12
    Fri, Apr 27 2012 06:53:25
  21. Wednesday 25 April saw the screening of Susan Sontag’s 1974 film, ‘Promised Lands’, which certainly seemed to garner a strong response.
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    tonight: Sontag’s Promised Lands followed by Fatmi’s The Beautiful Language both disrupt ideas on images &power #LPFF12
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 08:59:58
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    truth serum “psychiatry” sequence in susan sontag’s PROMISED LANDS at London Palestine Film Fest last night so disturbing.. wtf?! #LPFF12
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 16:51:10
  24. ‘Promised Lands’ played alongside the film ‘The Beautiful Language.’
  25. Share saw this last night as part of @LondonPFF amazing sound track
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 08:01:18
  26. After its success at the Barbican, the festival then moved on to take residence at SOAS and UCL…
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    Feel completely overfilmed after watching almost every screening @Palestine Film Festival at Barbican
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 18:37:50
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    .@LondonPFF would like to thank team at @BarbicanCentre for a great opening 6 days, THANKS! #LPFF12 now moves to SOAS & UCL until May 3rd.
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 06:16:49
  29. The second weekend of the festival took an interesting perspective towards the prospective Olympic games, with the screening of three sports films, ‘Women In The Stadium’, ‘Inshallah Beijing’ and ‘Free Running, Gaza’.
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    Sunday, 3:00pm SOAS, #LPFF12 marks London’s Olympic year with an afternoon of eye-opening docs on Palestinian athletes.
    Sat, Apr 28 2012 11:17:16
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    Saw great film “Freerunning, Gaza” at London Palestinian Film Festival today @LondonPFF also here: #LPFF12
    Sun, Apr 29 2012 16:17:19
  32. And with that we were already onto week three!
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    Looking foward to checking out the Palestinian Film Festival (@LondonPFF) this week #LPFF12
    Mon, Apr 30 2012 09:42:56
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    Having been for the past two days @LondonPFF and missing it very much already! Fortunately some good films ahead of us!
    Mon, Apr 30 2012 11:26:38
  35. Tuesday 1 May saw ‘L’Oliver (The Olive Farmer)’ play at UCL.
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    6:15pm, UCL Darwin Theatre – UK Premier “The Olive Farmer” festival highlight! Activist cinema at its best from ’76.
    Tue, May 01 2012 07:35:43
  37. With two days left to go, make sure you keep tweeting your thoughts to @londonpff and #lpff12. We’d also be very interested to know what everyone’s thinking @middleeastldn.


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