Iranian Olympic footage unearthed by London-based broadcaster

A London-based Iranian broadcaster has unearthed Iranian Olympics footage while collecting 1970s home movies for a film installation due to launch later this year.

Fari Bradley, who runs the radio show Six Pillars to Persia, aims to create a collage of both British and Iranian home movies in order to draw comparisons between the two countries in the years before relations broke down.

Bradley told Middle East LDN the experience had been wonderful: “I’ve had some surprises including footage of the Olympics in Iran.

“I’ve also unearthed some amazing films on the web which I’ve watched all of…the best of which was an Iranian-Israeli family who had spent some time in Iran in the 70s.”Audio recollections about the UK and Iran in the 1970s will accompany the footage, with the intention those listening will be unable to easily distinguish which country is being remembered. There will also be a specially-composed soundtrack.In return for the use of the film, Bradley has offered to digitise the film free of charge. “I didn’t have a huge amount of footage coming in, but I only need seven minutes in all for my piece which will be an installation,” she said. “I have had, however many  questions about digitising cine film. This is great for me because I want to support people with their queries and in preserving Iranian pre-digital archives.”Those interested in contributing should contact Fari @ resonancefm . com.


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